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Welcome to
Smiling Wyvern Press


About us

Smiling Wyvern Press is an imprint of a small, independent German publisher of mostly fantasy literature and fairy tale adaptions.
We specialize in epic fantasy and urban fantasy written for mature readers, with a small selection of books for young adults.
And we offer soms cat stories. Classical cat stories as miniature books. Just because we love cats.
Some of these stories have been written by British or American authors, others are translations of successful German books.
Why translations?
Because a good story is something every human being likes. We all have a weakness for good stories; a yearning to be spellbound by an intricate narrative.
Why mostly fantasy and fairy tales?
Fantasy knows no boundaries, fantasy worlds are limited by one thing only: our imagination.
I invite you to follow us into interesting, exciting new worlds!

Books and Series

Interested in High Fantasy? Fan of Sword and Sorcery? 
You will find both - and more,  adventure, warriors,  intrigues, murder, magic and mayhem. And sometimes love.
And for those among you who prefer a more peaceful world, we offer some well-known cat stories and some bilingual children's books.


Stay safe! Stay healthy! 

Smiling Wyvern Press