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Miniature Books

These miniature books are paperbacks.
All of them are miniature books by international standard, measuring 5,6 x 7,4 cm (2,2 x 2,9 inch)
If you place them together, the  spine shows the silhouette of a cat's head, as shown below.
The books are part of a series of 60 cat books (mostly German). 

Poe - The Black Cat

The Black Cat

Edgar Allen Poe

This well known short story by Edgar Allan Poe, a master of crime and gothic horror, tells a story about anger, abuse, murder, and retaliation – executed by a black cat!

74 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Kipling - The Cat That Walked by Hinself

The Cat That Walked by Himself

Rudyard Kipling

How the woman tamed the wild animals, and how the cat managed to remain independent, preferring to walk by himself.
A short story by the author of the Jungle Book.

68 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Lovecraft - The Cats Of Ulthar

The Cats of Ulthar

H.P. Lovecraft

Despite all attempts at domestication, cats have always remained predators, killers. As such, they take revenge in this short story by H.P. Lovecraft, the master of Gothic horror.

48 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Alden - The Cats of Piacenza

The Cats of Piacenza

W.L. Alden

Cats are beautiful.
Cats are elegant.
Cats are intelligent predators.
And cats are ... sometimes downright scary.
Such are the cats of Piacenza.

Just a taste of horror
88 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Norton-All Cats are Gray

All Cats are Gray

Andre Norton

Cats are more than simple pets. Humanity could be well-advised not to venture into space without cats.
You don't believe that? Then read this Science-Fiction story!

72 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Pain - The Gray Cat

The Gray Cat

Barry Pain

If somebody tries desperately to regain something, he might have a valid reason. Even if this something is just a huge gray cat. Deny it at your own risk!

Dark horror story
104 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Japanese Fairy Tales Cats

Japanese Fairy Tale Cats


Five Japanese fairy tales with cats:
Mysterious Cats
Cat Demons
Vampire Cats
Protective Cats
Cats in Love.

124 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Mountain Lions and Cats Fairy Tales

Mountain Lions and Cats

Fairy Tales Anthology

Three fairy tales from North and South America

96 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Carryl - Zut and Other Parisians

Zut and Other Parisians

Guy Wetmore Carryl

Zut is a cat, a beautiful white cat, cherished by her Madame. Which leads to complications ...
A vignette of various Parisians and life in Paris around the beginning of the 20th century.

104 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Breuer - The Stone Cat

The Stone Cat

Miles J. Breuer

A young man is missing. The detective suspects a scientist to be involved. But it takes a stone cat to reveal the young man’s terrible fate.

Crime with a touch of horror
80 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Prevost - The Woman and the Cat

The Woman and the Cat

Marcel Prevost

A short story about a man at Paris, France, who encounters both a woman and a cat and ends up loving them – until a creeping suspicion leads him to commit a heinous crime.

Horror story.
76 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Nesbit-The Princess and the Cat

The Princess and the Cat

Edith Nesbit

In this book you find:
A beautiful young princess, a prince who might save her, and a cunning, magical cat who wants to match both of them for a happy life.

Fairy tale.
108 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro

Crafty Cats Miniature Paperback

Crafty Cats

Fairy Tales Anthology

Cats are very knowledgeable about magic – especially in fairy tales.
Even princesses and princes are well advised never to forget that.

Three fairy tales.
132 pages, ISBN
Paperback 5,- Euro
Ebook 0,49 Euro











Cat Book Project

The cat's head silhouette on the left side is formed by the spines of the English short story books.

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