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Chris Svartbeck

The Mirror Magic series

Karapak. One kingdom. Two brothers who become mortal enemies.
The royal falcon. The heraldic bird of the royal house. The connection between a sorcerer and a king’s son.
Magic mirrors. The most powerful sorcery tools in Karapak. Powerful and absolutely deadly.

Svartbeck - Royal Falcon

Royal Falcon

Mirror Magic Volume 1
Ebook  will be published in 2022

A falcon binds their fates together.
For the sorcerer’s apprentice, Jokon, taking over the falcon is the only way for the student to leave his master's tower.
For Ioro, the eldest son of the king of Karapak, the falcon is the royal heraldic bird and the gods’ living legitimization of his family’s dominion.
The falcon makes them friends.
And they both sorely need friendship. Both the magic school and the Karapakian royal court are deadly viper dens.
They can only trust each other and hope that trust is not misplaced.

This book contains adult content and violent imagery and is intended for mature audiences.

First part of an eight book German fantasy series, intended for mature audiences. The starting trilogy has already been translated and will be published completely
during 2022.
You will love to read `Royal Falcon´ if you like

Epic high fantasy
Sword and sorcery
Dark fantasy
Intrigues, murder and mayhem
Asian and oriental medieval settings
Fierce warriors, conspiring sorcerers, proud women and a hint of dragons

Svartbeck - Falcon Warrior

Falcon Warrior

Mirror Magic Volume 2
Ebook will be published in 2022

Her royal mother-in-law thinks she is a half-feral mountain bumpkin. Her royal father-in-law barely acknowledges her. And with respect to her husband, Tolioro, Sirit would have rejoiced had he followed his father’s example.
To make matters worse, she seems incapable of giving the kingdom the long-awaited heir to the throne. Sirit only bore daughters. Unwanted daughters.
Ioro, the only one in the royal family who ever spared her a kind word is far away, leading the Karapakian army against the desert tribes.
How can a weak, little woman, locked up in the harem prevent or, perhaps, start a war?

Svartbeck - Desert Warrior

Desert Warrior

Mirror Magic Volume 3
Ebook will be published in 2022

Battle between the desert tribes and Tolor and Karapak was inevitable. The foundation stone for this war was laid a thousand years ago. But no one could have foreseen what this war would turn into. Not even the sorcerers had expected so many disastrous consequences.
The prophecies are misleading.
The oracles are no longer able to see what the future truly has in store.
The gods have thrown an unpredictable stone on the scales of the future.
The wheel of fate is ready to start turning.

About the author:

I am Chris Svartbeck, fantasy reader and fantasy author. I love murder and magic.

Murder and magic. Those are the right keywords. I write dark, gritty fantasy with betrayal and revenge, swords, barbaric warriors, hot-blooded women, intrigues, murders and a lot of magic. Dark magic. Magic that exacts a high price (and I don’t mean gold).

Why? Quite simply because that’s what I like to read. I am an avowed fan of George R.R. Martin. However, my fantasy worlds are quite a bit smaller (I am too, I don’t even come close to the master author’s girth).

What else do I love about the book? Dragons, evil sorcerers, even more malicious non-sorcerers, women who also know how to wield a knife and a suspenseful ending to each book, even though it’s the middle of a series. Nothing is worse than a book that ends at a point that leaves the reader wondering if the hero will survive. Or the heroine.

However, an ending like that can’t give too much away either. Otherwise, the subsequent books would be irrelevant.

Hobbies? Does an author have time for hobbies? Let’s put it this way: I like to read and I read a lot and, to balance out the many hours I spend in front of the computer, I like to chop wood. But my favorite thing to do is write.

My next few books are already at the starting line!

Below you find  the corresponding map to my books.

Map of the Kindom of Karapak
Map of the Kingdoms