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One of Germany's Top Fantasy Series
Number 1 in the categories: best sellers books, epic fantasy, good fantasy books, high fantasy books, best fantasy books 2018 

Awert - The Reign of Magic

The Reign of Magic
(Pentamuria Series Book 1)

Nothing will be as it was. Cities will crumble to ash.
Ashen wastes will become lush and fertile. Rulers will serve, and servants will rule.

Pentamuria, the world of five kingdoms, is in a time of change. The power of the nobles and mages is threatened. War is upon them, although they do not know yet when or with whom. Thus, the mages are gathering in their capital, Ringwall, to prepare together against any possible enemy.
At this time, the orphan boy Nill is found by the Druids. He possesses considerable magical skills. So he is taken to Ringwall, where he is to be trained in the magical arts alongside his fellow students.
Nill, who is an outsider, shows no respect for the traditions of the magical world and challenges the ways of the mages.
Soon these mages start to ask themselves: Could this powerful stranger bring the foretold end of their reign?
If yes, Nill has to be dealt with. By whatever means ...

425 pages, Ebook 4,60 USD

Awert - Ringwall's Doom

Ringwall`s Doom
(Pentamuria Series Book 2)

After being appointed Archmage, Nill finds himself in a bind.
On the one hand, he now holds the office of a powerful magician, but on the other, his actual
magical abilities are weak.
Nill has no choice but to leave Ringwall and go in quest of the old magic, but the journey is perilous...
Especially because of Nill's old rival Sergor-Don, who took up his inheritance as King of the Fire Kingdom. But the young ruler is not satisfied with his new kingdom. He wants to lead the Fire
Kingdom back to its ancient strength and power with only one goal in mind:
Ringwall´s doom.

471 pages, Ebook 5,72 USD

Awert - The Pillar of Light

The Pillar of LIght
(Pentamuria Series Book 3)

After the fall of Ringwall, Pentamuria lies in ruins. The magic of the elements is fading away and the realm of fire begins a merciless conquest.
In this situation, it is up to Nill, the last Archmage and possible Changer, to sort out the mess and stop Sergor-Don.
But the king of the fire realm is not the only threat.
A new, incredibly powerful magician who calls himself the "Pillar of Light", along with his followers, demands dominion over Pentamuria and forces Nill to decide whether to fight not only for his own life but for the fate of the whole world.

The last and final volume of the Pentamuria trilogy. 

376 pages, Ebook 6,91 USD

About the author:

When Wolf Awert started writing stories is unknown. He has invented and told them for as long as he can remember. Perhaps even longer. His companions have told stories of him being constantly immersed in conversations with himself on his way to school.

Later, he studied geography, biology, agrology, meteorology and ethnology, without getting degrees in all of those, and then worked as an environmental scientist at the university. He wrote scientific publications, non-fiction books and textbooks, invented thinking tools and built a system for idea management.

His career took him to many parts of the world where he visited more than just conference rooms. In China in 1980, he had his first experiences with Qi Gong and Tai Chi Quan, which he now teaches as a volunteer.

Being personally familiar with weapons like swords, sabers, lances, long staffs and fans from one’s own experiences is an ideal basis for fantasy stories. He added the katana and jo (short staff) from Aikido and he kep himself in shape as a student with the foil, dagger and épée. 

Today, Wolf Awert lives the quiet life of a pensioner in the Eifel region of Germany and writes nothing but fiction now.